Xa Lus Rau Dai Thao, Kong Sue Xiong, Xai Nou Vang, 18 Xeem, Moob Leeg – by Suav Ntxawg Lauj

By | March 24, 2022

3 thoughts on “Xa Lus Rau Dai Thao, Kong Sue Xiong, Xai Nou Vang, 18 Xeem, Moob Leeg – by Suav Ntxawg Lauj

  1. Tou Xiong

    April 14th, 2022

    I am a normal citizen and elderly Hmong and Mong person living inside St Paul, MN

    I love your words, your words is good for these so call Hmong old leaders they all should put down their old habits, put down their Looj ceeb lub npe nom away, they lub npe Nom nyob looj ceeb was gone for a long time when they cross the Mekong river back in 1975 you are NOT Nom anymore guys, now everyone of these people that they call them self a Nais Phoos Nais Phas is nothing no one call you nais phoos or nais phas you only call you that by your self so stop guys, you are not our leaders anymore, everyone of you just a normally Hmong elders just like everyone else, and you have no authority what so ever to tell others people what to do so if you so desperate want to be a leader for Hmong or Mong you must learn how to be a great person to all in your personality, your mouth and your tong and your heart must be good and excellency to everyone from children to elders and from every ruam thiab ntse put down your old Looj Ceeb Hwjchim because you don’t have them no more, do not use your old Looj Ceeb hwjchim and bad tongs and your bad mouths to hurts no one anymore, you people in your group that created this discrimination and try to separation Hmong dawb and Moob leeg you must apologize to everyone and resign what ever your jobs is or what ever you claim that you are a big guys for Hmong and Mong you aren’t, because no one granted you to be who you are, everyone Hmong and Mong are our brothers and sisters all a long with GVP in Laos for a long times GVP told everyone to love and care each and others he did not separated no one so resign from your radio station, resign from your council man resign from your 18 council if you are the one involving in this manors or what ever you have done in this matters so you can go back to school and learn how to get yourself get a long with people before you claim yourself to be a leaders in the Hmong community.

  2. CherLue Vang

    Well Said Suav Ntxawg Lauj
    we need many people like you to bring equality to the Mong Community.
    i saw partial of the thing being said here but do not want to lower my dignity to talk with racist.
    i am glad that the city decided to keep the word on the stone.
    this means that those people have not say in the decision and property of the City. Dai Thao may think he is a part of the city and cried out. But people in the city know better.

    Kuv xav hais rau koj paub tias kuv pom li koj cov lub 100 percent Suav Ntxawg . Kuv los yeej tsi yog nom yog tswv thiab tabsi kuv hnov koj cov lub lawm mas kuv zoo siab yeev ua tseem tsuav tej tug li koj koj thiab es peb lub qan ntuj thiab muaj kev tajyeeb ywjphej. Kuv yog Moob leeg, tabsi kuv sau lus hmoob dawb rau qhov kuv xav qhia rau cov ua tsi paub thiab tsi txawj ntse ntawm paub thias qhov ua peb hais lus hmoog dawb rau nej tsi yog peb saib tsi tau peb cov lub Moob leeg, tabsi qhia rau nej paub hais tias peb ntse dua, peb muaj peev xwb hais tau nej cov lus, tab tsi cov tsi ntse ntawd lawm lam qw thiab tias lawv txwj kawg no xwb tabsi peb cov lub Moog Leeg lawm twb tsi muaj peev xwb paub thiab sau tau nyeem so si hais tau. Leej tg thiaj yog tus ua ntse dua, tua hais tau ntau yam lus los tus ua nwg cov lus nws twb paub yuav luag tsi tas?

    1. CherLue Vang

      sorry my spell check change many of the word, to be missed spell in Mong,, but i hope you understand the meaning.


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