Why Not Just Use “Hmong?”

By | February 27, 2022

The English term “Hmong” or “Mong” could be used if the intention for the inscription on the stones were to be in English.  However, as The Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society Board of Directors explained, the words engraved on the stones were designed to be in our language, not English.  The purpose of not using the English term is to showcase that two Hmong/Mong dialects are being spoken and written in our community and honor that diversity.  The words “Moob” and “Hmoob” both refer to all of our people, both green and white Hmong/Mong.  The rock that contains our people’s name happens to be the stone that uses the term “Moob” in the inscription.  Again, as previously explained, this term refers to both green and white Hmong/Mong.

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