Response to Kongsue Xiong’s 11/23/2021 Statement at the Saint Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden

By | February 27, 2022

On 11/23/2021, Kongsue Xiong made some bold statements about how the Hmong Advisory Committee’s decision making was inappropriate and his views on how “Moob” is a subclass and how Mong Leng are just followers of Mong Der leaders, etc.

Below is a response by Txooj Suav Haam to Kongsue’s remarks.

Lis Txais gave a few words of advice to Kongsue Xiong and Dai Thao.

  • “Koj txawj xwb, koj tsi tse.”
  • “Qhov zoo tshaaj plaws mas neb ob tug uas neb ua yoom kev ntawv naj. Neb tau los mus thov txim Hmoob nawb.”

Lee Pao Xiong

Nub nua, kuv yawm moob leeg sawv lug has cai.

6 thoughts on “Response to Kongsue Xiong’s 11/23/2021 Statement at the Saint Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden

  1. Koob cwm

    Tsoom Hmong sawv daws, peb yog ib haiv tib neeg peb yuav tau los hais qhov tsheeb. Txhob muab phooj kwv tij neej tsa los muag noj muag haus, thiab sib tawm tsam. Tus zoo cia ua tus zoo, tus phem cia ua tus phem.

    Hmong piv txoj lug hais tias noj tsis tau ces yuav tuag hais tsis tau ces yuav swb.

    The printing on the stone “Moob” is not the issue here. We are Hmong and we are flexible to use and do whatever that suitable for the Hmong. This happened through Hmong history hais tias “cia zoo sawm luag es phem ntawm yus” yus Hmong yus uv tsis tuag.

    The problem here is (Thaying Her) the Chairman for the Hmong Advisory Subcommittee Group for the China Friendships Garden betrayed the Hmong people, especially cov kwv tij Hmoob Lees by violenting the China Friendships Garden Board’s policy of no public engagement. He have tried to minuplated the Garden Board, Hmong 18 Council, and especially all the green Hmong people, and myself Kongsue Xiong to fight each other by lying one party to the anothers. Even those people have highly educated and community leaders such as 1. Lee Pao Xiong at Hmong Center for Study at Concordia University, 2.Yee Chang former Senetor Mee Moua’s husband, and 3. Wameng Xiong in Sacramento California, 4. Zongkang Yang, they are Thaying’s prime target to manipulate them to attack the Hmong community, dividing the Hmong community, destroying our Hmong Value.

    When I tried to protect our Hmong integrity, peace, and love. He was hit hard by calling all the Hmoob Lees over the United and lying to them all that Hmong dawb hate Hmong lees. I’m his co-chair for this project, he had showed no respect whatsoever of sharing these information with me or other professionals or organizations instead he trained his brother in laws, nieces, nephews, anties, and uncles and some of them are also in the same subcommittee to destroy me and my character by painting me as Hmoob Lees hater.

    Zongkhang is my friend, I donated my radio times, money, and even sent food for him on his walking for peace to Washington DC. Dai Thao was his assistant, walking thousand miles with Zongkhang….why he betrayed us without finding the true? Zongkang may got bribe by Thaying Her because Zongkhang is a poor man and Thaying is a rich man who never qualified to come to the USA, but channel to America via France. Now Thaying Her is trying to destroy every single one of us, who have fought hard to gain the reputation of the Hmong, fought hard to save the life of the Hmong, and fought to keep the good culture of the Hmong. He doesn’t care if you are Hmoob Lees or Hmoob Dawb. He will try to use whatever issues that he has a chance for his hidden agenda to destroy the Hmong as whole.

    Please look at the China Friendships Garden Board’s policy. He violented the policy of public engagement.

  2. Koob xwm

    Yeeb Xyooj my points here in the video.
    1. No public engagement and now too many complaints from the Hmong community.
    2. As the co-chair i didn’t have any information about the printing before printed.
    3. Hmong lees and Hmong dawb love each others. Example, Hmong dawb wear Hmong lees customs with no hesitation, and Hmong lees singers singing in Hmong dawb tone with no hesitation. As a radio host and I asked most of the Hmong lees singers, why not singing in Hmong Lee’s tone. They explained to me, (poob peev/failure) losing profits, no popular, and not many people listen to, no support. So all Hmong dawb Hmong lees united and support each others for anything. Final points, since 1900 Pacai to GVP, all the Hmong leaders fought to defense Hmong as whole, never divide us. So please respect our Hmong history, value, and cultural.

    1. Leng Yang

      Has lug le koj has nuav mas tsi yog muaj “respect Hmong history” lawm os. Yog koj txawj fwm txug Moob tag mas koj yeej yuav tsi has lug cais Moob Leeg hab Moob Dlawb le kws koj cov comments huv Facebook ib zag.

      Kuv tsi paub koj, taab sis nov has tas koj quas puj tub yog Moob Leeg hab nua puas yog ne? Yog has tas lu lug “Moob, Miao, los Meo” txhais phem npaum koj has ces koj ca le muab koj quas puj nrauj xwb tag, taab sis koj ho naj nub naj mo nrug pw hab es koj tsi txaaj muag los?

      City puab yeej faib hum hum lawm has tas muab 2 lub sau ua lug Moob Dlawb es ho muab 2 lub sau ua lug Moob Leeg coj lug moog sawv cev taag nrho Moob Dlawb hab Moob Leeg nua, taab sis tseem muaj tej tug tsi muaj hlwb le mej 3-4 tug ko kws tsi txaus sab hab. Tog peb Moob pheej sib hlub tsi tau los yeeb vim muaj cov pheej nyam has lug phem lug moog sib thuam le mej ko ne.

      Tsi taag le xwb, koj tseem has tas, “Moob txhais has tas yog cov txiv neej tsi muaj noob qais” hab nua. Yog le kuv xaav pum koj 2 lub noob qais seb ho txawv peb cov Moob 2 lub noob qais npaum le caag. Yog koj yog txiv neej yawg tag nua nqaa koj 2 lub noob qais tuaj rua peb cov txiv Moob saib seb zoo le nob.

  3. has qhov tseeb

    1 Tsi tau nov dlua tas Pacai tiv thaiv lub npe Hmoob tabsis nov tas Pacai tawm tsaam kev sau se
    lug ntawm Faabkis.

    2 GVP tsi yog tivthaiv lub npe Hmoob tabsis yog ua haujlwm rua Nplog hab yog tsev neeg Hmoob
    txhawb nwg teg hauj;wm nwg ua rua tom Nplog.

  4. Nomtsaab Muas

    This may not be the correct place to comment on the 18 xeem’s letter but just to share my thought to you.
    I would like to write directly to Mr. Zajicek but it would be better if your organization do.

    The Hmong 18 xeem is just a local nonprofit organization pertaining to local, perhaps, just in the twin cities alone and not even the entire state of Minnesota. Therefore it has no power and authority to stop or ban the use of the name, Moob, Hmoob, Hmong or Mong. The organization is a self made, established or appointed committee and does not have the mandate from the Mong/Hmong community at large, locally or world wide. Therefore, Mr. Zajicek and his office need to disregard the letter, especially, the part where it requested to stop or ban the use name; Mong, Hmong, Moob or Hmoob.


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