Response to CM Dai Thao 4/12/2022 Press Release

By | April 13, 2022

For Councilman Dai Thao’s full one page press release, CLICK HERE.  Below we’ve broken it paragraph by paragraph and provided our responses.

MEC protested in front of City Hall not to demand to meet with CM Dai Thao.  That ship had long sailed because CM Dai Thao had continued to lie to MEC.  MEC protested to send the message to CM Dai Thao to resign and go home.

On the contrary, CM Dai Thao made every effort to delay and avoid meeting MEC while MEC did everything he required and did not cancel the meeting; he cancelled the meeting and blamed MEC.  He offered no more date to meet with them and effectively gave MEC no choice but to rally against him.  As time passed and he realized that MEC will be protesting, he reached out; by that time, the ship had sailed; he brought the protest to himself.  See the email exchanges by CLICKING HERE.

MEC does not condone violence.  He required MEC’s representatives to provide their names and addresses; they complied.   Throughout the email communications between his office and MEC, his pattern of delay and avoidance came across very clearly while MEC’s genuine efforts to meet his requests came across very clearly.

CM Dai Thao obviously took that phrase out of context.  “Chase him down” simply refers to taking the non-violent approach to hold press conferences and demonstrations against him which is  a constitutionally protected right of the people.

Whoever that individual is, MEC has no idea.  It could have been someone in his camp writing to him pretending to be from Zong Khang Yang’s camp.

While that may be the case, all evidence that MEC had collected pointed to Dai playing the lead role to discriminate against Mong Leng and to divide our community.  CLICK HERE to see his divisive Facebook posts and HERE to see his attempt to fool his fellow councilmembers, other non-Hmong, and the unsuspecting Hmong.

He did not call for transparency; he called people to support the lie that the White Mong term “Hmoob” and English term “Hmong” are the standard terms while the Green/Blue Mong term “Moob” is not standard nor is it inclusive (meaning that the term did not refer to both White Mong and Green Mong).  See how everything started:  CLICKING HERE.

His efforts were ill-intentioned.  The emails communications between MEC and him speak for itself showing how disingenuous he was towards MEC.  Everything that MEC has said and done has been for CM Dai Thao to stop discriminating and lying to the community, especially to the Mong Leng.  “… creating a Mong nation-state.” – CM Dai Thao is in fantasy land.  MEC welcomes any inquiry into how the city misappropriate the funds to build a Mong nation state.

What fraud?  MEC had nothing to do with how expenditures were used.  According to our understanding, money were gifted to the City of St. Paul from the US China Friendship Garden for the usage as stated in the City Council accepting the funds.  However, MEC welcomes an FBI and attorney general’s inquiry into how the city have committed fraud and misused the funds, since these funds were gifted to the City of St Paul per the city resolution 21-1057.

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