Mong Leng Can’t Pronounce Correctly

By | April 11, 2022

You are either a bigot or truly ignorant of your own people.  From time immemorial, Mong Leng pronounces the name of our people as “Moob” and Mong Der pronounces the name of our people as “Hmoob.”  It is your decision.  You can choose to remain ignorant or a bigot.

3 thoughts on “Mong Leng Can’t Pronounce Correctly

  1. Wang

    It’s not couldn’t pronounce right. It’s our mother tongue to talk that way!

    1. MEC Post author

      You are absolutely right which is why those who make those comments are either bigots or ignorant!

  2. Leng Yang

    Cov ruam hab tsi muaj hlwb ces txhaj has le 2 tub Moob Xyooj nuav has, vim nwg hlwb tseem tsawg hwv. Tsi taag le xwb, tej zag tsi muaj cov laug qha kev ua neej hab kev has lug rua es txhaj has lug le tug tuab neeg ruam. Muab xaav kuj chim, taab sis muab xaav ntxiv kuj zoo luag, vim nrug cov ruam caav ces yeej tsi muaj qaab hau dlaab tsi.


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