Kongsue Xiong’s Latest Smear Campaign and Lies

By | April 21, 2022

This issue here is that Kongsue seems to think that the world does not know what he has been up to.  All of his actions and what he has said have all been documented.  He has loss at every front; now he is trying to blame the Chair of the Hmong Advisory Committee.  Dai’s and his derogatory remarks and attempts to shut out Mong Leng can be reviewed by CLICKING HERE.

One thought on “Kongsue Xiong’s Latest Smear Campaign and Lies

  1. Guest

    How the hell is this all Thaying fault now? Looks like he’s a rich and smart guy so some people are jealous. There’s nothing wrong with Moob being printed on the ugly stone. Print that is right bc hmong chinese speak in green dialect, so if Thaying printed Moob then he’s right and educated. Even white people know these facts and repeated many times. Looks like Kongxue and 18 clans are still insisting racism even after losing terribly. He’s a nobody. Just ignore him. Nothing he says can be an influence.


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