Councilman Dai Thao Continues To Lie To The Mong Community

By | March 29, 2022

Councilman Dai Thao, once again, continued to be defiant and unapologetic towards his fellow Mong community members! 

After he was called out on March 5, 2022 for the second time to apologize for his misconduct towards the Mong community, through his Legislative Aide (Mai Chong Xiong) and Executive Assistant (Kristin Koziol), he reached out to the Mong Equality Committee (MEC) that “He would like to issue a public apology and wants to meet in-person to hear and learn more about what he can do to heal the community moving forward.”

Believing that he was genuine, MEC responded and accommodated all of his requests.  Below are the actual email communications between MEC and his office.  The reader will see that MEC consistently accepted his offer to meet and accommodated all of his requests.  Despite MEC’s efforts, he lead them on using various delay tactics and finally backed out on his word by claiming as if MEC had declined his offer to meet – an absolute LIAR!

The above email is Councilman Dai Thao’s first communication, via his Legislative Aide Mai Chong Xiong, to MEC on March 9, 2022 at 10:27 AM PST.  On the following day, MEC accepted the invitation to meet with him (see email below) and offered to find a neutral location so that both sides would feel safe and comfortable.

After securing a room at Hmong Village, MEC sent the email below proposing a time when people would most likely be available.

The councilman declined MEC’s proposal, claiming that he was not available, and offered three different alternative meeting dates.

As a show of good faith and MEC’s willingness to work with him, MEC agreed to meet him at 1 PM on March 15th.

He responded below by asking MEC who would be in attendance so an appropriate size room could be reserved.

As an effort to create a safe environment so that he would not feel so threatened, MEC informed him that it would be only five representatives who would meet with him instead of the whole Mong community.

Next, he started to come up with excuses to not meet with MEC by claiming that one of his staff members was out due to COVID-19 and asked to meet with MEC the week after.

MEC reminded him that the meeting was not with his staff; the meeting was to be with him and that if he absolutely could not meet at the originally agreed time (March 15th), then MEC would meet with him on any of the other times that he proposed which were March 17th and March 18th

He never responded and just let the other two dates and times that he proposed to pass.  At this point, MEC could have just concluded that he was a disingenuous person and that he will not meet with MEC to apologize to the Mong community.  However, in the best interest of the Mong community, MEC decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and follow up.

On March 19, 2022, he expressed that he absolutely wanted to meet and that his team was still trying to coordinate schedules.

Three days later, his Executive Assistant (Kristin Koziol) emailed MEC that Mai Chong, who had been corresponding with MEC, had asked her to reach out to MEC to see if the meeting could be scheduled for the very next day (3/23) at noon.  Also, the meeting was now to occur at City Hall; they would need to limit the number of people who would be going, and they would need to know who would be in attendance.

MEC responded by accepting their request to meet at City Hall and proposed to meet from 3 PM – 5 PM because 12 PM did not work for MEC.

Despite the originally set aside time from 12 PM to the City Council meeting to meet with MEC, his response was that he would not be able to meet at 3 PM because City Council meets at 3:30 PM and that he had other meetings leading up to it.  His aides will check on Thursday or Friday of the current week and get back to MEC.

Once again, MEC agreed to wait for him to respond back with a better meeting time.  MEC offered to even meet on Saturday (3/26) as well.

The councilman responded that he could meet on 3/24 between noon and 2:30 PM.  He also asked requested MEC not have media or record the meeting.  Furthermore, for security purpose, he wanted to have the names and addresses of the attendees.

MEC agreed to meet at the proposed time and asked for clarification on why must the attendees provide their addresses.  MEC also expressed that the attendees were private citizens and they were not comfortable providing their addresses.

Even though MEC has already agreed to the time slot that was given to them from noon – 2:30 PM, he still asked what time MEC wanted to meet and indicated that it was not policy to require addresses of those who would meet with him but that his office had been advised to collect information for folks who meet with the councilman in person for the time being.

MEC clarified that 12 PM is the time that would work.  MEC assured him of their good intentions and provided the names of the attendees and the PO Box to MEC as a compromise to this request.

On the day of the meeting, despite the fact that MEC had every intention to meet with him, he canceled the meeting and stated as if MEC had declined the meeting simply because MEC provided their PO Box instead of the addresses to the attendees.  He offered no alternatives to MEC.

Because MEC did not decline the meeting and because of their desire to continue to accommodate him, fulfilling his requirements, MEC went ahead and provided the addresses to those who would be meeting with him thinking that the councilman will agree to meet now that all of his requests were met.

Instead of meeting with MEC’s representatives, he offered no alternative meeting dates and simply stated that his office had canceled the meeting and that he was not available anymore.  

Given all of the above, what can be said about Councilman Dai Thao?

One word …  An absolute LIAR!

7 thoughts on “Councilman Dai Thao Continues To Lie To The Mong Community

  1. tong her

    this is the ruthless council men Dai Thao today..he will never run away from what he has done to the moob leeg peoples.
    God is just a prayer away….God is going to punish who ever the devil,evil,trouble maker and discriminate other groups
    of god human being…AMEN..!!!!!!!

  2. Vang Yang

    Raws le ko ma yog saib tsi taug peb cov moob leeg lawm nawb.

  3. Wang thao

    Need to take this to the court. For sure someone in the community is his back bone.

  4. Tsaav Koob

    A great leader must be man enough to admit his mistakes and face the consequences of his own actions. I don’t think CM Dai possesses the skills to face MEC. That was why he made all kind of illogical excuses. MEC and our Mong families should be happy because Dai’s actions already showed that he has lost the battle.

  5. The Xiong

    Dai Thao was formed by a pig sperm, not even a dog sperm. From now on the Hmong must look deeply into a person history before casting your votes. Never use the term ” Moob tshuaj Moob rhaub, Suav dej Suav rhaub” Look at a gangster like Dai Thao. He’s a good example. To the Hmong people, please..please..please do research before casting a Hmong man or woman into office.

  6. James

    The rocks all ready made. It has both green hmong and white written on it. Dai, maybe a politician but can make mistakes like every politicians. Maybe he wasn’t sure and led his people to protest. I don’t know what he said to the hmong Green or to the rocks written in hmong green. To what I know, he asked for inputs about the “moog” written on the rocks and didn’t say any offenses words to hmong green. If Dai did say any offended words to any hmong green he should apologize but if he haven’t there’s no need for him to apologize. I’m not from MN so I don’t know. With that said, we need to hear what Dai said. We want to know his side.. The rocks are made for both and write in both green and white and you guys are still not happy. If Dai haven’t said anything offensive THAN STOP! If Dai did, Dai needs to live up to his standards, apologize and move on.

    I support both parties as we all are Hmong/Moog. We should think of the time we were tortured, our women, children were raped by our enemies back on Loas. We lost many of beautiful children and men and women due to the war and being tourtured and drowned. Our grandparents and parents still living nightmares and yet now we all barks like dogs and cat. Stop this now!!

  7. Kuv

    Dais attempted to fish for the MEC members private informations then canceled them out in the cold.


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