Dai Thao & Kongsue Xiong’s Divisive and Derogatory Social Media Remarks Towards Mong Leng

By | March 20, 2022

The 9/21/2021 post from Dai Thao below is the post that started the mess.  Dai held that Mong Leng’s spelling of our people “Moob” is not standard while Mong Der’s spelling “Hmoob” and the Mong Der English term “Hmong” are standard.

Kongsue Xiong’s 9/22/2021 post below is one of his attempts to denigrate the Mong Leng word “Moob” by defining it as brain freeze/stroke.

Below is Kongsue’s October 5, 2021 public declaration that he is against the decision of the Hmong Advisory Committee to engrave “Moob” on one of the art stones, an act of insubordination and a show of improper conduct.

There are two images of the same post below.  The difference is that in the first post, he ended the post with “… to make sure no other words can replace the word “Hmoob.”  For the second image, he ended the post with “… to make sure no division among the Hmong people.”

What’s happened here is that he failed to cover his true intention.  He got caught trying to sugarcoat his ill intention.

Dai calls a public meeting to be held on 11/23/2021 at Phalen Lake despite all proper actions that have been taken by the Hmong Advisory Council.

Below is Kongsue’s version of Mong history where he attempted to paint the picture that all Mong leaders have been Mong Der.

Kongsue continues his derogatory remarks about the word “Moob” in which he said that this word means a man without testicles and that “Mong” means stupid man.

Below is an even more telling post reflecting Kongsue’s bigotry and condescending views towards Mong Leng.


Kongsue continued with his demeaning ways by saying that “Moob” means half man and half woman.

An attempt to mislead Ge Xiong and to say that it is Mong Leng who diverted the attention.

Kongsue’s philosophy … “I don’t care who you are.  I’m going to plow through you.”

Kongsue lied by saying, “I never said that I disagree with the word Moob.” This is a direct contrast to his public declaration on October 5, 2021, where he said, “I’m declared to the public that I’m disagree with the word “Moob” at St. Paul Chengsa China Garden at Lake Phalen.”

After all the failed attempts:

  1. Moob is not the standard word; Hmong/Hmoob is the standard.
  2. Hmong Advisory Committee did not follow proper community engagement requirement.

Kongsue now turns to blame his leader (Mr. Thaying Her), the President of the Hmong Advisory Council.


9 thoughts on “Dai Thao & Kongsue Xiong’s Divisive and Derogatory Social Media Remarks Towards Mong Leng

  1. The Xiong

    Kongsue Xiong is a piece of shit. He disgraced the Xiong clan. He was not created by a human sperm but a pig sperm just like Nom Pov Xyooj tsoob niam. He should be ashamed of himself. We the Xiong clan doesn’t want people like Kongsue and Nom Pov tsoom niam.

  2. The Three Blackbears

    I believe MEC stands on solid ground regarding its struggle for Mong dialectical equality. Its recent existence comes not to express short term anger toward the St Paul rocks establishment, but to start a conversation in order to reach a long-term strategic goal toward a unified purpose between all multi-Mong speaking dialects across the globe. How to form long lasting friendships, and get along well with your family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, and enemies is your ultimate goal.

    To begin with, let me ask each of you a question which may or may not relate to today’s topic, yet it does carry a significant weight for the issue at hand. Do you see Mong people as separate groups with different ancestors, or do you agree that all Mong emerged from the same stock, one Mong man and one Mong woman from the beginning of time?

    Does it really matter which Mong dialect you read, write and speak?

    Friends and foes, with all due respect, it does not matter which Mong dialect you spell the word Moob/Hmoob. For those who can read Mong, how many of you can only read Hmoob, and not Moob? For those who can write Mong, how many of you can only write Moob and not Hmoob? For those of you who have grown up in the Mong community, how many of you know that only you, Mong Der/Leng exist in the world? On the contrary, and let’s be honest, for those who have never seen the word Mong/Hmong (Moob/Hmoob), and this is your first time learning that there is such a people called Mong, and you are asked to spell, read or write the word “Mong,” which word, “Mong or Hmong, Moob/Hmoob,” would it naturally come easier for you to read, write, or even pronounce straight forward? If you are not brain dead, I bet the majority of you, the strangers, would pick Mong over Hmong or Moob over Hmoob as your choice.

    For those who already know how to read Mong writing, you will know that these two spelling Moob/Hmoob are just two different ways of dialectical expression put into writing; it represents two unique dialects, Leng and Der having the same meaning and referring to the same people. Different spelling of the word “Mong” as either Hmoob/Moob does not alter its meaning, similarly like American and British spelling of the word “theater or theatre, or center and centre,” which still has the same meaning. Mong Der/Leng dialects are not much different than the British/American, northern and southern tones. Why create an issue out of a matter that is moot?

    I understand both Der/Leng dialects 100%, and I can interchange my communication from one dialect to another at any time without a problem. Which of you only understand Der and not Leng dialect? Which of you only hear Leng and not Der dialect? There are more Mong dialects than just Der and Leng, in Vietnam, China, and Burma, and if only Der/Leng dialects sounds good to you, you are not a Mong, Mong are bigger than what you think, and you better go learn more Mong dialects until you get Mong as a whole people.

    MEC, your job is heavy, but you will stand because you are doing the right thing and moving along with the season of common purpose. You not only speak for the interest of Mong Der/Leng here in America, but also for Mong worldwide. You are against anyone, without regard to their dialectical identity, who tries to create frictions against the sanctity of the Mong people. That is your job! There are Mong Txhaij, Mong Dlub, Mong Lab, Mong Ntshuab and many other Mong around the world that you are speaking for. This is a good fight, and the fight must continue! There is nothing wrong when one is a Der by birth but chooses to speak in a Leng dialect or vice versa because it is done voluntarily, giving up his/her mother tongue without duress. But it is inherently wrong and detrimental, against the law of nature, when there is an intent to eliminate someone else’s existence because they are not your kind. Whoever alienated one Mong, that individual has separated all Mong, and this is not going to happen, not under your watch.

    I believe that with your struggle, and a determination to move forward, you will be able to overcome all difficulties now and, in the days, ahead. I dream that one day, there will be one Mong writing system that can accommodate all Mong dialects across the world. But until that day comes, let me tell you that I am with you. Your fight keeps Mong hope alive. Together, let us today recognize that whatever Mong dialect you speak, write and read, and wherever you may live, in Asia, America, or Europe, you are equal under the law, your dialect and way of speaking are as powerful to you as mine is equally important to me, and without any reservation, you are protected under the Mong umbrella indefinitely.

    Thank you for this opportunity to comment. Have a great day!

    The Three Blackbears

  3. Seng Her

    Kev tsis sib to taub lossis teebmeem hais txog Hmoob dawb thiab Moob lees nws zoo nkaus li lub kev txhab yeej zoo tsis tu qab puag thaum ub los txog niaj hnub nim no. Qhov zoo tshaj plaws ces tsis txhob dawj kaub puab lossis kov txog kiag li yuav zoo dua.

  4. Steve Vang

    Good lesson to all the low class none educated peoples that trying to used Mong/Hmong/der/leng dialect and writing to divide our own people. As today most of Mong/Hmong that knows how to read/write in Mong/Hmong are understand the dialect of our Mong/Hmong that we are one Mong/Hmong .
    I’m 100% agree with you.

  5. Xyum Yaaj

    Mong leng, don’t go to sleep or we will be erased from existence. Kongsue Xiong and Dai Thao are the two main culprits in wanting to silence the Mong leng and our language that we have spoken for thousands of years. No one has the right to stop us from speaking the language of our fathers and fore-fathers.

    MEC, Mong leeg has your back. We know that it has always been Dlai Thao and Kongsue Xiong’s plan to erase Mong leng’s dialect and culture from now on. In Konsue’s interview with this one lady, he wants Moob leeg to be gone in like 30-40 years, so everybody can just remember only one ‘Hmoob”, and that is moob dlawb only. That is what he says. Listen closely here and you will hear and understand that Kongsue wants to delete Moob leeg’s future. He wants to erase Moob leeg in the future. Here is the interview by Ms. Lee. Video here: https://youtu.be/xdxMmUEuTBU

  6. Numyeej lis

    People that discriminate other race, culture and language shall net become a leader. Because they will lead us into the pit. They must be stop as soon as possible. Nub nuav moog yog peb lug ua thawj, peb maam hlub mej nawb cov kws muaj discrimination le mej na.

  7. hmong peeople

    Hmong leng and Hmong dew are e person, please stop harassing and threated the Hmong leaders, its so embarrass


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