Councilman Dai Thao Failed in His Attempt to Get Rid of “Moob”

By | March 3, 2022

When will Councilman Dai Thao apologize for his misconduct?

On September 21, 2021, Councilman Dai Thao stated that Hmoob/Hmong are standard terms while “Moob” is not, and he further talked about how “Moob” is not an inclusive word, meaning that it does not refer to both Mong Leng and Mong Der.  From that time to the present, Kongsue Xiong and he launched an attempt to get rid of the word “Moob,” and in the process, an ugly reality surfaced.  That reality is that Kongsue Xiong and Councilman Dai Thao have only gotten the whole Mong community to see just how discriminatory they are against Mong Leng, which lead to the creation of the Mong Equality Committee.

However, today, March 2, 2022, Councilman Dai Thao posted on his Facebook timeline that he supports the decision of the Park & Rec Director, Mike Hahm’s action to leave the four stones as is at the Saint Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden at Phalen Lake and Mr. Hahm’s four key commitments going forward with the project.  Councilman Dai Thao further goes on to comment as if he was part of the solution.  However, we know very well that he was one of the main culprits that lead to the upheaval in our community in the last several months.

When will Councilman Dai Thao apologize for his misconduct?

CLICK HERE for Mike Hahm’s email in PDF

4 thoughts on “Councilman Dai Thao Failed in His Attempt to Get Rid of “Moob”

  1. Tooj Nchai Muas

    On September 21, 2021 at 1:37 pm, Councilman Dai Thao posted a message on his Facebook that: “I saw this at Changsha/St. Paul friendship garden. What is your thought on using the Moob spelling compare to the standard Hmoob/Hmong?”

    It is obvious that he intentionally posted it. He wanted to disrupt the peace that it has been approved by the community advisory committee as well as the board of Changsha-St. Paul Friendship Garden. Although I am not a resident in St Paul under CM Dai Thao’s district, he needs to redress and/or apologize to the Mong (or Hmong) people.

  2. Wang

    To clean this Kong Sue n the the Bear just need to say couple words in public. Why they choose to go this route? Why no one else come up and say anything to stop this in public? Why all moob dawb leader so quiet?why 18 clan so quiet? All we see just the comments stated the Mong Equality is bad, Mong Leeg is bad and narrow mind. Why?

  3. Txiaj Xab Lee (Lis)

    Hello CPRP director Mike Hahm,

    There is no deny that there are two dialects between white Hmong and green Hmong or Hmong leeg in SE Asia, such as white Hmong’s dialect for Hmong is Hmoob while green Hmong or Hmong leeg’s dialect is Moob, water is dej and dlej, yellow is daj and dlaaj. go is mus and moog, come is los and lug, you are welcome is txais tos koj and txais tog koj, etc. should be fine.
    All I know is that the two groups should be written as Hmong in writing.
    So, the titles written on the two stones ( not four ) should all be Hmong, not Hmoob and not Moob, and both stones should be read as Hmong Minnesota txais (tos) koj and Hmong Minnesota txais (tog) koj on each stone.
    Do both sides agree this way for you?


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