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Victory Celebration

Paaj Vaaj, MEC Board Member  Bla Foua Thao, MEC Board Member President Tim Kong and Executive Director Siab Lauj (Hmong American National Chairman Association, Inc.) Steven Thao, MEC Board Member Suav Ntxawg Lauj, Community Leader Zong Khang Yang, MEC President

Hmong, Hmoob, Moob

Pastor Xaiv Suav explains how the pronunciation of Hmong and Mong are similar to the pronunciation of knot and not. He also relates Mong Der and Mong Leng to being the left and right arms of one body, etc.

Mhong As An Alternative?

If “Hmoob and Moob” or “Hmong and Mong” will not be recognized and be permitted to be used interchangeably, then a new term acceptable by both white and green Hmong/Mong should be used.  Commissioned by General Vang Pao, the Hmong Language Research Committee came up with the term “Mhong,”which was even used by General Vang… Read More »

Why Not Just Use “Hmong” on the Stone?

The English term “Hmong” or “Mong” could be used if the intention for the inscription on the stones were to be in English.  However, as The Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society Board of Directors explained, the words engraved on the stones were designed to be in our language, not English.  The purpose of not using… Read More »