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Changing Positions of Councilman Dai Thao

It is very interesting how Councilman Dai Thao took us on an adventure that most of us never expected! At first, in September 2021, he stated that the Mong Leng term “Moob” is not a standard word.  He rallied the community to come together in November 2021 to try to tear down the use of… Read More »

Response to CM Dai Thao 4/12/2022 Press Release

For Councilman Dai Thao’s full one page press release, CLICK HERE.  Below we’ve broken it paragraph by paragraph and provided our responses. MEC protested in front of City Hall not to demand to meet with CM Dai Thao.  That ship had long sailed because CM Dai Thao had continued to lie to MEC.  MEC protested… Read More »

Go home, Dai. You lied!

Transcript of Zongkhang Yang Speech Press Release Mainstream Media Coverage Sahan Journal:  Moob, Hmoob, or Hmong? A word on a rock in a St. Paul peace garden divides a community Pioneer Press:  Dialect dispute has St. Paul Hmong group calling for Dai Thao to quit; he wants FBI probe Click here for a PDF version

Councilman Dai Thao Continues To Lie To The Mong Community

 Councilman Dai Thao, once again, continued to be defiant and unapologetic towards his fellow Mong community members!  After he was called out on March 5, 2022 for the second time to apologize for his misconduct towards the Mong community, through his Legislative Aide (Mai Chong Xiong) and Executive Assistant (Kristin Koziol), he reached out… Read More »