About Us

We are a collective group of concerned Mong or Hmong individuals who stand for mutual respect, dignity, inclusion, unity, and equality within our community.  The Mong Equality Committee was formed to preserve these essential values and bring transparency and truth to the ongoing debate over the use of the term “Moob,” which was engraved on a stone at the Saint Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden.

We hold firmly that there is absolutely nothing wrong with using “Moob” in the sentence, “Moob Minnesota txais tog koj.”  This is a sentence written correctly in the Mong Leng dialect.  Whether one speaks Mong Leng (green/blue dialect) or Mong Der (white dialect), we are one ethnic group.  In English, we could be referred to as Mong or Hmong.  In our language, we could be referred to as “Moob” or “Hmoob” as we have used them interchangeably since time immemorial.  We seek to ensure that all members of our community are appreciated, respected, and supported to reach their highest potential.